Style Focus: Menswear that You wear



So recently I’ve noticed that menswear has broken into the female market in at major way whether it’s in the sleepwear department or the clothing department menswear has made some major strides in female hands.
Till this day my favorite music video is still the Shinia Twain music video “Man! I feel like a woman”. Simply because of that amazing suit she wore that poked fun at how a woman can wear something made for a man and make it like better. So now that it has become big it’s one of the trends that I absolutely love. So here are a couple rules of thumb about how to wear this trend in a way that will make you stand out in a good way.

» Fit! Fit! Fit! Always make sure that your clothes are fitted to suit you. The look is only complete when it looks like it should be on a woman not something you borrowed from your male friend.
» Focus is important make sure you dont over crowd yourself in too many things that dont flow.
» Accessorize! The same way a mans tie, cufflinks, and shoes make his outfit so do your accessories make your outfit.
» Above all keep it simple.

So like my last post I’m going to give you an example of how it should look when you have done it right. This lovley lady is my cousin and friend Ope Babjide follow her on instagram @opsbabajide. She literally took these pants from a man but made them her own in a great and feminine way.


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